Creating Your Own Luck Guided Meditation 3D Sound 2CD Set
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Creating Your Own Luck Guided Meditation 3D Sound 2CD Set

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CD#1. (00:35:00) Learn proven techniques that you can instantly apply and begin to create 

your own luck. Learn never talked about secrets that have been used and kept secret from the masses.
#2. (01:06:00) Guided Meditation in 3D Sound! With wonderful music -
and solfeggio tones that will have your body resonating luck and feeling amazing! 
If you have never heard the amazing benefits that 3D sound provides, you will be impressed 
with this magical audio. Begin by going into a state of deep relaxation then hear the speaker from
everywhere all at once - use unlimited luck affiramtions to change how you vibrate and attract lucky people.
situations, circumstances and events into your life. This audio has reached 1 million listens within 30 days all
overthe World! Truly the best guided meditation on luck ever created.Over 1 hour long and an amazing experience!
"Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke". Licensed by
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