Energy Pendant RAINBOW With Stones + FREE SHIPPING
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Energy Pendant RAINBOW With Stones + FREE SHIPPING

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HOW EXCITING! You all have asked for these and I have responded.

RAINBOW Energy Coins and Energy Pendants In 3 Styles!


BONUS - Includeds a FREE "activation" Audio CD By Paul Santisi sharing with you the true magic of these pendants and how to apply its positive intention to your life.


Here some additional info:



With The  “Paul Santisi Intention Energy Pendant”

YOU WILL TAKE “COMMAND” and create your own “LUCK” and everything in your life!

  • Take Hold Of The Very Same Secrets Of True Intention That Those Who Always Seem To Be Lucky And In 100% Control Of Their Of Life Use To Create Their Future!
  • Tap Into The Magical, Unlimited Power Of Expectation And Manifestation That True Masters Of Energy Have Used For Thousands Of Years To Create Abundance!
  • Tap Into The Energetic Power Of True Intention That Is Kept AHUGE SECRET Because Of It’s Amazing Power!
  • You Will Gain The “MAGIC TOUCH” And Your Life Will Become Your Life For The Rest Of Your Life!
  • Positively Impact Everyone Around You By Positively Amplifying Your Energetic Vibrations Like You Never Thought Possible!
  • Embrace And Release The Dormant Genius Within To Be The“CREATOR” That You Already Are!
  • You Are Moments Away From Becoming Better, Happier, More Motivated, More Empowered and Vibrate With Such High Positive Energy That You Will Be Thrilled To Wake Up Each Day Because You Will Be Your Own GOOD LUCK GENERATOR!
  • Achieve All Of Your Life’s Desires With 100% Knowingness And 100% Certainly NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PRESENT SITUATION IS RIGHT NOW!
  • Get Ready To Make Some Powerful And Positive Changes In Your Life!


Some of you will read this and your ego and beliefs will get in the way and you will just put this off as nonsense and not possible….how can a coin bring me luck and cause me create the future that I want? and that is 100% fine with me.  You see I know how this works and how fast it works when you “believe” and I am hear to share with you this……It will blow your mind how fast it works!

Also its never ever talked about that energy and good luck pieces are considered “prized possessions” and used by all the super successful people and those who lives are full of happiness, joy, abundance, prosperity and most of all luck.  Because none of these people will ever admit that something so powerful exists and they will lie to your face to keep their “SECRET” hidden from  you and the rest of the world while they live a life that 99% of other people only dream about!




How It Works…. You just listened to the audio “Magic Of Intention”, By Paul Santisi” and in that audio the SECRETS of intention were revealed.

During that audio it was shared that the missing ingredient when creating “good luck, abundance, happiness and prosperity” in life is intention.

Without the right intention nothing happens –  and the opposite is true – when you have a special item or piece in your possession that has thetrue power of intention put into it (by a being who vibrates with the right frequency of expectation, creation and love) – it virtually becomes magical in its abilities and powers to remind the holder that nothing is not possible and that everything that they desire to have be and do is 100% possible and simply a decision of away!



This coin is super charged with the amazing intention of  myself on a one by one basis just for you!

You will virtually feel it buzz and tingle with powerful, positive, vibrant and loving energy when you hold it.

There is truly nothing like it anywhere in the World and can never be duplicated!

Like I have said over and over again “it’s pure magic in its physical form”




* Pendants are solid energy conducting materials with a large 1 1/2 in diamater.

* Pendants - Feel amazing with a 3D look and feel.

* Pendants - Are personally amplified with intention by Paul Santisi on a one by one personal basis.







"note: no additional coupons or discounts on energy pendants"


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