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Magnetic Pill Meditation Supplement 1 Month Supply CLICK IMAGE

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  • Increase the speed at which you think by multiplying the number of neural connections within your mind. Did you know that your brain has over 10 Billion communicating cells creating over 60 trillion synaptic connections? Thiamine (B1) and Niacin (B5) are a natural and concentrated set of nutrients that enhance these neurotransmitters without causing them to get out of balance. And when you consider that it is combined with DMAE which has been proven to improve brain function, memory, concentration and intellectual capacity due to its anti-aging properties you begin to understand the power of Magnetic Pill.
  • Maintain a laser sharp focus while being “on your game”, all of the time. Shizandra Berry Extract, which has been used for literally thousands of years in Chinese medicine, and Bitrate Choline (a phospholipid metabolite found concentrated in neuronal membranes) get straight to the source. Slipstreaming the process of nutrient absorption these ingredients will lift mental fog that can plague everyone… and keep it from coming back. To simply say your mind will be clear is a severe understatement.
  • Balance the hemispheres of the brain (by stimulating dormant regions into use) allowing you to use both more equally, drawing on greater potential. This is something normally seen with geniuses or very long-term meditators. It takes a lot of work if you are not naturally inclined to use both hemispheres. Magnetic Pill also increases electrical activity in the brain which can boost the effects of the Magnetitum and Magnetitum extract.


    Revolutionized benefits of Magnetic Therapy. Magnetic Therapy has far reaching benefits that have been proven to heal, rejuvenate, and expand potential of the human body and mind. And now you can easily benefit from several of these same benefits but without the immense hassle and cost. The Magnetitum Extract in conjunction with Magnesium dial into your body’s magnetic fields providing an amazingly simple solution to several complex problems.

    Rapid increase in sensory (Most people aren’t prepared for this). Turn the dial up for you senses and start to experience what your mind has been editing out. Magnetitum has a long history of improving vision and hearing, and strengthening the kidneys to improve the acceptance of chi energy. But we have taken it a step further and extracted its most powerful properties creating Magnetitum Extract. The coveted Magnetitum Extract will not only dial you into your senses, but it will also help you feel (and use) the magnetic energy fields found in all living things.

    Operate at amazing levels of efficiency. GABA stimulates the pituitary gland in you brain which leads to a natural rise in HGH (human-growth-hormone) which increases the synthesis of new protein tissues, such as in muscle recovery or repair, improves the sleeping pattern, makes for less unintended awakenings and betters REM-stage sleep.

    • Supercharge your consciousness while expanding the possibilities of what meditation can do for you. Meditation can provide astounding physiological, psychological, and spiritual benefits, however you have one BIG thing stopping you, your brain. The average human attention span is only 15 seconds! Magnetic Pill will gives you the tools you need to reach advanced meditative states, allowing you to stay dialed in for as long as you want.

      Draw on the full potential of your body and mind to reach advanced meditative states.Magnetic Pill was the first meditation supplement on the market and is still the most powerful combination of ingredients you can find to aid you in feeling energy, having out of body experiences, and finding blissful inner peace.

      This one you have to feel to believe! Powered by vitamin D3, Magnetic Pill will move you from an extreme state of stress or over-excitement, to a more balanced one, naturally. If you are feeling tired and sluggish, Magnetic Pill acts as a stimulant like coffee. Wired and stressed out before meditation or sleep? Magnetic Pill calms you down and quiets your mind. With an “adaptogenic herb”, you stay centered, in an optimal state of mind for meditation.
      Who Is Benefiting From Magnetic Pill?

      Now Being Sold In More Than 25 Countries Around The World....WHO'S NEXT?

       What Can Happen When You Try Magnetic Pill?
    • Below Are Some Things You Might Experience…
    • I feel like my IQ is increasing every day.

      “I went from a being an average student to easily getting A’s on literally all of my tests. I certainly did not spend any extra time studding… When I read anything now it just sticks, my brain is functioning at higher levels than I have ever experienced.” – Heath G.

      Obvious improvements in my mental capcity each month.

      “After about 1 month of taking Magnetic Pill I felt a dramatic upswing in my mental alertness and an overall drive and ability to learn large amounts of new information. Now I having been taking it consistently for a little over 6 months and the results continue to improve.” – Michael L.

      Never experienced anything like this before!

      “My doubts vanished the moment I tried meditating for the first time after taking Magnetic Pill. Talk about an out of body experience!” – Meghan M.

      Have not felt this good in years!

      “My mood swings are gone, I happily cruise each and every day with a endless smile, not to mention a new found laser-sharp focus.” – Denise M.

      My Tinnitus is gone and my memory is back!

      “I am a Vet. I gave Magnetic Pill a try about three years ago and started the auto-refills because I liked the sharpness it brought to my mind. In the second month I began to notice some sharpness in my eyesight and the improvement of some Tinnitus I’ve had for many years.” – Carl P.


      1 Month Supply = 60 Capsules 2x per day
      Price $69.95
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