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Paul Santisi here with an exciting update!!!
You may just become as excited about these as I am in telling you about them.
I am excited to share, that I have just received a FRESH printed batch of the first 15 Editions of my highly successful What You Want - Wants You Newsletters!
Remeber success equals feeling good. 
This information not only raises your vibration it keeps your vibration high. 
As a result you feel good most of the time!
Up until this point these have been sent out only by email delivery in digital form on a once a month basis.
FACT: In the era of digital files we are moving further and further away from a "HUGE GEM" of knowledge.  The POWER OF PYHSICAL
PRINTED materials is known.
When you can hold a physical printed copy of something, hold it, and read it.  While it’s in your hands, your able to grasp, digest, understand and apply the information much faster than reading it from a screen.  There is a lot of science behind this, so feel to GOOGLE it if you like.
Here is some of the features and benefits of these newsletters and how they are completely different from anything else out there.  
Each newsletter, covers four to five topics and techniques during a twenty to thirty minute read.  A lot of revealing content is revealed. 
Here is just a taste of some of the life enhancing topics that you will learn about.
  • Mastering the basics
  • The brain transmits and receives frequency’s
  • Wants vs needs
  • How to manifest more money
  • Using your thoughts to create dynamic health
  • Thoughts are things
  • Removing limiting blocks
  • Curing yourself of insecurities
  • Raising your confidence
  • Learning how to you direct and use your energy 
  • Using your emotions to your advantage
  • The hidden miracle within you
  • What your #1 goal is everyday
  • How to empower yourself
  • How to create your future
  • How to keep your vibration in the sweet spot
  • How to know who you really are
  • How to properly define your dream
  • Eliminating procrastination
  • Who do you really listen to?
  • Learn about Universal laws
  • Understanding the difference between a goal and a dream
  • How teachable are you?
  • How to persevere in every situation
  • How the brain processes information
  • Controlling your emotions to your advantage
  • Attracting desirable people into your life (friends, mates, relationships etc.)
  • How to fall asleep with a clear mind
  • Wake up with purpose and drive
  • How to feel good all the time
And that is just a taste, of what you will read in these powerful and revealing newsletters.

These newsletters are 100% written by me. You see most others “hire” people to write on their behalf. This is not the case here.  I write 100% of the material that we talk about in each newsletter.
I only teach based on personal observations and experiences. Unlike 99% of the newsletters out there. 
They are mostly “sound good” information that has never been applied or tested to work in real life.  
Everything that I teach, I have learned and applied in my own life first.
Only after I have experienced the real life results do I then qualify to teach it to others.
The material is presented in the order of learning.
Most others just “toss” together material an present it out of order.
This is not case here. I present the right material in order of learning it.  
This is a magical concept. 
When you learn in order the real life results you will experience are instant. 
All of the “confusion” on what to do next is eliminated. 
Keeping you focused on the next logical step that will propel your success.
Each newsletter is written from my mind or knowledge bank.  I do not research or look at notes.  
100% of what you read is exactly how I think.  This is what I do in my own life to create results that are instant and miraculous.

If you were to purchase all 15 of these printed newsletters separately the cost would be over $200 and absolutley worth every penny! 
For a Limited Time I will mail you all 15 beautifully printed high quality personal development newsletters, 
At a HUGE DISCOUNT OVER 85% Off The Regular Price
For Only $39.95 and that Includes FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING!
Plus I will include a FREE GIFT!
That alone is a $40 value.
Plus, I will give you an unconditional money back guarantee just like I offer on everything else.
I am making this available to anyone, all over, the planet, while supplies last and only for a
Limited Time.
If you interested, order now and I will mail these out to you within 24 hours.
If not, I appreciate you taking the time to read this email.
I am sending you love, support and encouragement.
"Keep Becoming You And Keep Becoming Great!"
You know I love ya!
Paul Santisi
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